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Our pricing starts out quote low for our smallest vehicle. Especially when you consider a "per person rate" when compared to other means of transportation (such as hiring multiple taxis). The price we quote you will depend on several factors. Such as the size vehicle you need, the day of the week you need it, and the time of year you need the service. The slower times of the year (lower demand for our services) will almost always result in more affordable pricing for you and your party. If you are looking for an affordable event we recommend booking it for a date Sunday to Thursday. Comparatively, however, we are still affordable on Saturday, even though it is our busiest day of the week. Give us a call today to get a quote on your upcoming event.

As you have undoubtedly noticed, we do not have pricing on our site. There is a good reason for this... and the short story is this: The prices are always changing. As we mention above, at low demand time periods, you will find that the price will often be the lowest. We do this to both increase demand for our services, and save you money. It works out for both of us this way. The reason is as follows: Our rates are dependent on our costs. During peak times, we have to spend more money to keep our buses running, and provide the appropriate staffing to ensure everything is covered. This will necessitate a bit of a higher rate to compensate. Conversely, when we do not need to keep our fleet running 24/7, we are able to cut back on expenses. Instead of "price gouging" to maximize our profit margin, we prefer to lower our rates. This allows us to still keep things moving, yet you benefit because the cost becomes more affordable. To avoid confusion as a result of our constantly fluctuating rates, we do not publish our pricing here. We feel it is always best to give us a call to find out your exact price instead relying on potentially outdated figures on a website that we are unable to update as often as we update our pricing.

Don't worry, as long as you have the following information, our price quotes do not take but a few minutes of your time. And, this way, we can provide a price quote that will be accurate to the penny. So, when calling for a quote, we will need to know these bits of information: The date of your event, the time you will require pickup, how many passengers you will be accommodating, the location of pickup, and the amount of time you will require the vehicle. That's it! At that point, if you are satisfied with the price... We can book you on the spot!

For pricing inquiries or further questions: call us at 859-518-4019 or email now!

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